December 2021

Camil announces Strategic Investment in the Coffee category: Café Bom Dia and Agro Coffee

On December 15th, Camil announced one more of its strategic investments with the acquisition of the share capital of Café Bom Dia and Agro Coffee. Café Bom Dia has been operating in the coffee segment since 1895 and currently owns the Bom Dia and Sul de Minas brands. The asset has an industrial plant in Varginha (MG), which will be used to operate the Company’s operations in the coffee category with its other brands, União and Seleto, in addition to the aforementioned Café Bom Dia brands. Agro Coffee is a company that trades, imports and exports coffee. Camil has a consistent history of growth and market share expansion through strategic investments. This latest investment is an important step towards the diversification of the Company’s operations in Brazil, meeting the Company’s strategic objectives of acquiring brands and assets in the food sector in Latin America. For more information about the investment, access the relevant fact e a presentation to the market.

Camil acquires Silcom S.A in Uruguay

As part of our expansion strategy in Latin America and entry into new categories, we announced another important acquisition in 2021, the purchase of the company Silcom S.A. through the subsidiary SAMAN, in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Silcom is a food company with leading brands in dried fruits, vegetables, seeds, sauces and oils, focused on the growing consumer demand for healthy meals. This operation is yet another complement to Camil’s business in the country, increasing its current coverage and allowing growth in the current categories. In addition, it will position the Company as one of the main providers of healthy products, one of the fastest growing markets today. For more information about the investment, visit the Relevant Fact and the presentation to the market.

Camil Day 2021
On December 1st, Camil held its fifth annual public event since the Company’s IPO, Camil Day 2021. Luciano Quartiero (CEO) and Flavio Vargas (CFO) and other Company directors were present, who presented Camil’s achievements last year, as well as commenting on ongoing initiatives. The virtual event was attended by investors, analysts and journalists, and with a Q&A session led by our CEO and CFO. Click here to access the recording of the event available on ‘Videos’.

November 2021

Camil announces ‘Projeto de Geração Própria de Energia Renovável’
Camil Alimentos announced in November 2021, the construction of a new thermoelectric plant that will allow for an increase in the capacity to generate renewable energy used in the Company’s grain industries throughout Brazil. The new unit is expected to start operating in 2023 and will increase its own energy generation capacity, powered by biomass, through the use of rice husk.
The Renewable Energy Own Generation Project once again reinforces Camil’s commitment to the sustainability of our business. To learn more about the project, access the press release by clicking here.

União launches project to train people in confectionery: ‘Escola de Confeitaria e Negócios Doce Futuro União’
We are proud to announce, this November, the launch of the Doce Futuro União School of Confectionery and Business. Throughout its history, União, the leading sugar brand in Brazil, has always created technical and inspirational content in the preparation of sweets in a pioneering way, promoting proximity to its consumers, and in response to the social and economic context of this last year, we launched the ‘Escola de Confeitaria e Negócios Doce Futuro União’. The initiative aims to provide a new income opportunity from the sale of sweets, in addition to offering a complete program of culinary content and business management in the digital environment – without physical barriers -, allowing relationships and classes to be consumed regardless of the location of the consumer. The proposal is to train more than 3 thousand people in the first three months and be a transforming medium in their lives. To learn more about the Escola de Confeitaria e Negócios Doce Futuro União visit the website:

Official Inauguration of the Osasco and Casa do Sabor Unit!
In November, we officially opened our industrial unit and Casa do Sabor in Osasco. The new unit has a superstructure that allows us to carry out our industrial operations with full efficiency and cutting-edge technology. In addition, since February 2021, the unit already has a distribution center with a privileged location for loading and unloading operations. Our Experimental Kitchen, which was previously located in Pinheiros, now shares the space with the Osasco team, in the new unit. Nova Casa do Sabor was designed to be a larger kitchen with flexible spaces, which allows us to carry out different activities with numerous needs and different audiences.

October 2021

Camil launches its Sustainability Report
It is with great joy that we report to our investors, customers and the market in general the first ESG 2020 Report by Camil Alimentos. Overcoming, commitment and union are in Camil’s vein. Thus, in this report, we have compiled the main data and information about our business, so that the market can get to know Camil through its main ingredients: trust, entrepreneurship, enthusiasm, proximity and responsibility. This is a tool to promote transparency, with which we demonstrate the Company’s advances and affirm our commitment to the sustainability of our operations. Camil’s ESG practices follow as a principle the care for the people involved, the guarantee of the quality of our products and the concern with mitigating the environmental impacts we generate. Throughout this document, which had as reference theGlobal Reporting Initiative (GRI), We share our achievements, challenges and main actions in the markets in which we operate. To learn more about Camil’s ESG look, visit the ESG section of our website here. Good reading!

September 2021

Acquisition of SELETO trademarks by Camil Alimentos
On September 13, Camil announced to the market its entry into the coffee category with the purchase of the Seleto brand. The operation is in line with the Company’s strategy of category diversification and strengthens its consistent history of growth and expansion of market share through acquisitions of brands and assets in the consumer sector in South America.

‘As Melhores da Dinheiro’ – ISTOÉ Dinheiro Magazine
Once again, Camil appears in the list of highlighted companies for the ‘As Melhores da Dinheiro’ award given by ISTOÉ Dinheiro magazine. In the food category, we were recognized with positions in:

  • #3 in General Ranking;
  • #1: Human Resources;
  • #2: Financial Sustainability and Corporate Governance; and
  • #3: Inovation and Quality.

Camil Alimentos is proud of these achievements and thanks its employees, customers, consumers, and partners for being part of our success! To access the Camil awards list, click here.

União is now a High Renown Brand (‘Marca de Alto Renome’)!
União, which for 110 years has transformed the daily lives of Brazilians, is now a Highly Renowned Brand!
The title confers prestige, notoriety and undisputed tradition, recognized by all Brazilians.
This means that the brand has achieved the highest degree of recognition and positive reputation and, as such, receives special intellectual property protection, being the only sugar brand with such an honor.

August 2021

Acquisition on Santa Amália and Entry into Pasta Category in Brazil
Camil announced to the market the acquisition of Acquisition on Santa Amália and Entry into Pasta Category in Brazil Santa Amália is one of the most traditional and renowned pasta brands in Brazil, has a Market share leadership in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil, with prominent brands in the pasta category and a complete portfolio of premium and valued priced brands in the category. In addition to entering the country’s pasta category, the acquisition of Santa Amália reinforces Camil’s entrepreneurial spirit, offers through geographic complementarity and leadership in the region, a scenario of great national growth potential for the Company’s grain categories. For more information about the acquisition, visit our section ‘M&A and Securities Market’ and listen to our Material Fact conference call audio in the ‘Podcasts’ section.

July 2021

Acquisition in Ecuador of Rice Assets of Dajahu Agroindustrias S.A
On July 27, We announced the acquisition in Ecuador  of Rice Assets of Dajahu Agroindustrias S.A. and of Transportes Ronaljavhu S.A., another important step in growth for Camil Alimentos. The assets operate in Ecuador with a portfolio of relevant and well-known brands in the market, assuming a leadership position in the rice segment, with a significant market share and high growth potential. The acquisition is in line with our strategic expansion objectives for the Company, and mainly, its entry into new geographies.  The Companies continue to operate independently until the transaction is completed.  For more information about the acquisition, visit our section ‘M&A and Securities Market’ and listen to our Material Fact conference call audio in the ‘Podcasts’ section.

Institutional Investor Latam Executive 2021 Award
For the third time, our IR team received recognizements from Institutional Investor, one of the main awards at the financial market, in the segment of  ‘Food & Beverages – Small Caps’ in the categories listed below:

  • “Best Analyst Event” – Camil Day – #1 overall and sell side, #2 buy side;
  • “Best CEO” – Luciano Quartiero – #3 (overall, buy and sell side);
  • “Best CFO” – Flavio Vargas – #2 (overall, buy and sell side);
  • “Best IR Program” – #3 (overall); e
  • “Best in ESG” – Camil debuted in the ranking occupying the #3 overall and #2 in sell and buy side.

April 2021

Live TradeMap with Camil (CAML3)
On In April 6, our CFO and Investor Relations Director, Flavio Vargas, introduced Camil in a chat with TradeMap analyst Sandra Peres about the Company’s perspectives and sector, clarifying doubts and Camil’s positions according to the interaction of the public and the guidelines suggested by the TradeMap team. So far, the recording is available on ‘Live com a Camil (CAML3), and in our ‘Podcasts’ and ‘CamilFlix’ sections, it already has over 3,000 views!

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December 2020

Camil Day Virtual 2020
On December 11th, the Company presented its fourth annual public event since the IPO in São Paulo (SP), in live format, with the presence of more than 200 participants including our directors, investors and journalists. Click here to access the event recording available on ‘CamilFlix’.

September 2020

More Camil Alimentos brands gain space in digital

Last month, the brands Carreteiro, Pop and Momiji got their own websites and, in the last week, it was the turn of the brands Bom Maranhense, Pai João, Namorado, Butuí, Da Barra, Duçula, Neve and Pescador also go into the air. The internet is gaining more and more space in the consumer’s daily life and it is extremely important that we have points of contact that bring us closer to them to establish a good relationship.

August 2020

New Shares Repurchase Program

In August 2020, the Company’s Board of Directors approved the new share buyback program, in order to partially meet the grants already made under the Company’s stock option plan. The program authorizes the repurchase of up to 4 million shares within 12 months.

July 2020

Camil launches manifesto “Comida de casa é Camil” with Rita Lobo

From July 29, Camil starts a series of lives with the presenter and defender of real food Rita Lobo, the specialist in women’s finance Carol Sandler who will give tips on how the day to day can be more organized, easy and without waste and will also count on the participation of a super team of ten cooks and culinary influencers, such as Morena Leite, Luiza Zaidan, Receitas de Pai (“Father’s Recipes”), Tayná Mota, Receitas da Cris (“Cris’ Recipes”), Dayse Paparoto, Larissa Januário, among others, that will show you how to create tasty and nutritious meals.

April 2020

Camil becomes a partner of Castrolanda Cooperativa

On April 1, Camil Alimentos became a partner of Castrolanda Cooperativa, taking over the bean production unit, further expanding its presence and capillarity in the Paraná region. Castrolanda has several cooperative profiles, from large producers to family-based producers divided into Operations (agricultural, meat, milk, potato, beans and administration) and Industrial (meat, milk, potato and beer). In addition to being a way of strengthening the position of a leading brand in the food sector, Camil believes that, only with large partners, we can bring quality food and more flavor to our customers and consumers!

February 2020

Acquisition of the Pet Food Business Unit of Empresas Iansa SA

We announced the acquisition of the Pet Food Business Unit of Empresas Iansa SA, another important growth step for Camil Alimentos. This acquisition is part of our strategy to consolidate the markets in which we operate and reinforces our entrepreneurial spirit. The LDA is one of the leading pet food brand companies in Chile, and arrives to strengthen and diversify our international portfolio, opening a second category in this business segment. With 7 brands and more than 100 SKUs, it detains 11% of market share in the Chilean market segment. Its revenue of US$162 million comes from dry and wet dog and cat food, as well as snacks.

January 2020

New Lent Promotion “Beleza na Lata Coqueiro”

Coqueiro presents its new Lent promotion “Beleza na Lata Coqueiro”. To star in the campaign, the Company called the stars of the countryman Maiara and Maraísa. Buying 3 or more Coqueiro products and sending “Coqueiro” to a WhatsApp, the consumer competes for hundreds of prizes, among them, three 0km cars.

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December 2019

Camil Day and Site Visit 2019

In December 2019, the Company held Camil Day, its third annual public event since the IPO in São Paulo (SP), and the visit to its new Super Barra sugar packaging plant in Barra Bonita (SP). The events were attended by more than 150 investors. We thank all participants for the interest and trust placed in our business.

November 2019

3rd Shares Repurchase Program

In November 2019, we concluded the third share buyback program, with the acquisition of three operations totaling approximately 30.6 million shares held by shareholder Warburg Pincus, at R $ 6.25, reinforcing our generation strategy of value to our shareholders. Additionally, the totality of the shares of its own issue acquired in the scope of the repurchase operation were canceled, and its share capital was divided into 370 million shares.

March 2019

Inauguration of the new factory in Suape – PE
The inauguration of the new Suape unit, on Pernambuco´s coast, occurred on March 12th. With a built area of 6,500m² and capacity 3.5 times greater to the old factory of Recife, the industrial plant is the most modern in the region with multi-category production (rice, beans and sugar), besides having a distribution center. The Company’s strategy is to expand its leadership in the Brazilian rice, beans and sugar market, in addition to increasing efficiency in the Northeast. “The Northeast has been a focus region for Camil for years, but to increase our presence and leadership, we have invested to increase local productive capacity,” affirms Luciano.

January 2019

New Campaign Coqueiro
Innovating again in the canned fish category, Coqueiro presents its new promotion, “Beleza na Lata Coqueiro”. The star of this campaign is Naiara Azevedo, singer of the hit single “50 Reais!”. The movie of the new campaign is signed by Leo Burnett Tailor Made and is developed and produced by Bullet. From 1/15 a 4/24, over one thousand instant prizes of up to R$ 500 and two draws in the amount of R$ 50,000. The winners of the draws will also receive a pair of tickets to watch Naiara’s concert from the backstage and will be able to meet her in the dressing room as well. The movie of the campaign highlights in a modern way the benefits of eating fish and keeps the message of the brand: who eats healthily, feels better and more beautiful. The commercial starred by Naiara will be broadcast on free TV, radio, digital channels, and streaming apps as of 1/15.

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August 2018

União made Rio even Sweeter!
During four weekends, on the main beaches of “Cidade Maravilhosa”, União invited the public to write phrases with actions to make Rio (and the world) sweeter. Those who attended were delighted by famous Brownie do Luiz, which has as one of it´s main ingredients our sugar: União! The best phrases were printed on the banners of the traditional single-engine airplanes that fly over the beaches to spread it´s sweetness over the shore.

Click here for more information.

July 2018

Launch of Arroz Camil Minuto Caseiro
In line with the main market trends of practicality and health, Camil launched a line of ready to eat rices with just one minute in the microwave for three different versions: White, wholegrain and 7 grains.

Click here for more information.

Fispal Forum
In July 2018, Renato Accessor Costa, Industrial Director at Camil, participated as a facilitator at one of the Panels of Fispal Forum of Technology. The discussed theme was “Management of Operational Excellence: Which efficiency metrics are used in the most successful industries?” and addressed market trends. Mr. Costa contributed by commenting about the operational model at Camil, with it´s single process of factory management to reach new levels of operational performance.

Click here for more information.

May 2018

União launches Cake Mix
Always looking into innovations and to offering a complete mix of solutions to it´s consumers, the União Brand launched a new category of products; cake mix, composed by three different lines: House Favorites in orange, vanilla, coconut, carrot and corn flour; Irresistible flavors, with chocolate, gingerbread and brownie mixes; and Wholegrain Delights, which brings banana, cinnamon apple, and is the only that counts with demerara sugar and whole wheat in the composition of the recipe.

Click here for more information.

União presents new campaign: Together we make
Thought to strengthen the bond with consumers, União´s new campaign summons the public to transform the most various occasions into unforgettable moments. Specialist in sweets and deserts, the brand desires to offer their customers the tools so that they can, together with those who they love, make the world a sweeter place.

Click here for more information.

Launch of the Campaign: Put Coqueiro on your table
Coqueiro innovates in their communications by bringing to their new campaign “Put Coqueiro on your Table” an invitation for customers to discover new ways of enjoying canned fish, besides highlighting nutritional benefits of these two ingredients. The brand´s expectation is to continue innovating and bringing a broader vision of the versatility and nutritional value of fish. This way, reinforcing the benefits of a balanced diet with quality products.

Click here for more information.

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