Camil Ethics Code

Camil is committed to working ethically and transparently, providing a safe and responsible work environment for all its employees. With the objective of guiding the attitudes of all those involved in conducting our business, formalizing our values and our commitment to integrity, in this line, Camil developed its Ethics Code.

The Ethics Code is a guide that has been defined in accordance with applicable laws and establishes the basic rights and duties of all employees, third parties, business partners, shareholders and members of Camil’s management board.

Strengthening and encouraging honest and transparent conduct not only contributes to complying with the legislation, but also to improving the work environment, providing development and well-being for our employees and an increasingly sustainable and responsible culture. For further information about our Ethics Code, click here.

Camil Integrity Program

In order to further promote the integrity, ethics and transparency culture, and provide to a sustainable and responsible work environment, Camil is implementing its Integrity Program.

The Camil Integrity Program contains measures, policies and procedures that aim to prevent, detect and remedy the occurrence of improper conduct and in breach of our Ethics Code and other Company policies.

The Integrity Program is structured in 6 pillars, as shown below:

Camil Ethics Chanel

In line with Camil’s commitment to providing a safe and transparent work environment, Camil enables the reporting of possible violations of the Ethics Code, other policies and applicable laws through its Ethics Channel, which is available to all employees, suppliers, customers and other people who relate to the Company.

The information registered in the Ethics Channel is received by an independent and specialized company, ensuring absolute secrecy, guaranteeing the anonymity of the rapporteurs and the appropriate treatment of each situation by the Compliance Area and the Camil Ethics Operational Committee.

As established in our Integrity Program, Camil does not tolerate retaliation against whistleblowers who are moved by good faith and who act responsibly with our values and commitments.

The Ethics Channel is available 24 hours through the website  or during business hours by calling 0800 770 2530.

Updated at 07/22/2022 at 04:52 pm