How to invest in Camil’s shares? Which stock exchange trade the Company’s shares?

To invest in Camil Alimentos’ stocks (ticker B3: CAML3), you must contact a securities brokerage registered with B3. For information on brokerages, go to the website of B3 in the section “Busca de Corretoras” (search for brokerages). It will assist you with all of the required procedures.

Which institution is the transfer agent for Camil stock and what are its responsibilities?

The registrar for Camil’s common shares is Banco Bradesco S.A. through its Securities and Custody Department. Customer service is performed in the branches of Banco Bradesco throughout Brazil. The website containing available information is The contact phone number and e-mail of Bradesco are +55 11 3684-9441 and The role of Bradesco in providing services to our shareholders includes:

  • issuing statements of shareholding positions;
  • updating records (addresses, bank registration information, etc.);
  • transferring shares;
  • registering restrictions and amendments that impact the shares (shareholder agreements, pledges, usufruct, etc.);
  • exercising rights (subscription, withdrawal, etc.)
What is the meaning for Camil’s shares to be listed on Novo Mercado? What are the types and rights of Camil’s stock?

Camil’s stock is listed on the special segment named Novo Mercado, which is the listing segment of the B3 with the highest standards of corporate governance. Therefore, Camil issues only common shares that attribute to its shareholders the right to vote at shareholder meetings as well as tag-along rights.

For futher information, access the Corporate Governance sections available on Camil’s investor relations website

Where can I find Camil’s financial results? Which month does the Company’s social exercise end?

The Company’s financial results are available on its investor relations website, in the section Results Center or on CVM’s website. Among the documents disclosed, the Company publishes its annual and interim financial statements, comments on financial performance, earnings presentation and audio of the quarterly results conference call.

The fiscal year of the Company and its subsidiaries ends at the end of February of each year, in order to align the closing date of its corporate year with the harvest cycle of the rice crop, the Company’s main product.

How can I receive a statement of income for filing my personal income tax return and how can I update my shareholder registration information?

The custodian bank for Camil’s common shares is Banco Bradesco S.A. through its Securities and Custody Department.

In case you hold an account at Bradesco and your asset is centralized in your current account, the access and emission of the the document can be obtained through Internet Banking / Home Broker Menu / Position of securities Custody / Consult of Income Report Statement – second copy. The historical documents are also available to consult.

In case you do not hold an account at Bradesco, the document can be obtained in any Bradesco agency. Ensuring the Information Security Policy of the Securities and Custody Department, Banco Bradesco S.A. and Camil Alimentos S.A. are unable to send the document through e-mail.

In case of doubts, please contact Bradesco´s Securities and Custody Department – Phone: +55 (11) 3684-9441 or e-mail

Additionally, our shareholders can change their registration and request their earnings report through Banco Bradesco. Service to shareholders is carried out at Banco Bradesco branches located in Brazil. The website available for information is The service can also be done by phone (11) 3684-9441 and e-mail

How does Camil distribute dividends and Interest on Equity? What is the Company’s historical dividends and interest on equity distribution?

After deduction of legal reserve and contingencies, if any, at least 25% of the net income will be distributed as mandatory dividends and/or interest on equity, except if there is a different destination determined by the Ordinary General Meeting, in the cases allowed by the Brazilian Corporate Law.

The Company’s Bylaws also authorizes (i) the collection of semiannual, quarterly or shorter balance sheets, and dividends or interest on own capital may be declared from the profits verified in such balance sheets; or (ii) a statement of dividends or interest on shareholders’ equity that is intermediate to the account of retained earnings or profit reserves existing in the last annual balance sheet. Under Brazilian tax law, Brazilian companies are authorized to deduct payments and / or credits to shareholders from interest on own capital calculated from IRPJ and CSLL calculated.

The Company maintains the Dividends section of the investor relations website with its dividend and interest on equity distribution history.

What is interest on equity?

Interest on equity is the interest calculated on the shareholders’ equity of the companies that is paid or credited to shareholders based on the Long-Term Interest Rate (TJLP).
In accordance with tax legislation, Brazilian companies are authorized to deduct the payments and/or credits to shareholders of interest on equity from the calculation of their income tax and social contribution tax.

What are annual shareholder meetings?

Annual shareholder meetings are held a maximum of 4 months after the close of the fiscal year. They may be convened by the officers for a variety of purposes, such as verifying the results, electing the members of the audit board and discussing and voting on the reports from management.
All Camil’s shareholders may participate in the meetings and have the right to vote. To stay informed on the dates of the meetings, go to the investor relations website of the company and click on the link IR Agenda.

How can I contact the Investor Relations Department?

You can contact the investor relations team through e-mail or phone +55 11 3039-9200 (extension 9238 or 9237 or 9227). Camil’s headquarter is located at Avenida das Nações Unidas, 8501 – 12º floor, Pinheiros – Eldorado Business Tower CEP 05425-070, São Paulo – SP, Brazil.

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