Jairo Quartiero leaves the
the seminar and becomes a truck driver
in the city of Itaqui, in Rio
Grande do Sul, transporting
rice to São Paulo.



We rented the first shed
to buy and sell rice
for many brands,
strengthening the migration of
grain cultivation from the
central reagion to the south.

Primeiro Galpão


De forma pioneira,
we started to distribute
rice in 5kg plastic
packages, supplying
a new demand from



We inaugurated,
our first storage,
distribution and
customer service.

São Paulo Arrival


We have expanded
our activities, with the
implementation of our
first rice mill,
also here in São Paulo.

First Mill


Now the dish was
complete: the business
expand with the
commercialization of beans
with Camil brand.

Rice and Beans


We became S/A and,
with new acquisitions,
we consolidated
Camil as the
largest brazillian
rice company.

Pleasure, S/A.


Our internationalization begins
with the acquisition of Uruguayan
Saman, market leader in Uruguai

Beyond the border


Tucapel, a chilean
rice-processing company, becomes
a part of Camil's family.

We arrive at Chile


We acquired the maranhense
industrial complex
BB Mendes, adding
to our portfolio
Good Maranhense
and Mais saboroso.

New acquisitions


Sea have news:
Coqueiro arrives to
add value and diversify our

High tide for Coqueiro


We are happy to
announce one more member
of our family: União,
a brand that won
the brazilian's hearts.

Sweet União


Looking closely to the international
market, we bought the argentinian
Loma Alimentos, which has a portfolio
with organic milled rice.

Hello, hermanos!


We launched our new corporate brand,
highlighting our values:
Responsability, Entrepreneurship,
Proximity, Trust and Enthusiasm.
The year was also marked by our new
headquarters address.



With over 50 years of history, Camil is one of the largest food companies in Brazil and Latin America, with a diversified brands portfolio in rice, sugar and fish categories as well as leadership positions in the countries where the company operates.

Camil Alimentos began its national operations as a rice producers co-operative in 1963 in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, at a time when rice crops migrated from the center-west region to the southern region of Brazil due to this region’s higher productivity.

In 1974, in a pioneering way in our segment, we began to distribute rice in 5kg plastic packaging. This situation is currently consolidated in the market and praised by customers who, to the very present, buy rice sold in this type of packaging. In the following year, we expanded our operations by opening our first storage, distribution, and customer service center in the city of São Paulo, State of São Paulo. The 1990s were marked by the growth of our business as we entered new markets, including the bean Market, the transfer of our headquarters from the state of Rio Grande do Sul to the state of São Paulo and the investment in our capital structure by TCW, a U.S. private equity fund.

As of 2000, after the Quartiero family assumed control, our expansion strategy has comprised acquisitions in addition to our organic growth.

The company has a solid history of acquisitions which began in 2001 with the acquisition of Pai João and Príncipe brands, leaders in Ceará and Rio de Janeiro, respectively, and acquisitions of industrial units located in Recife, Camaquã and near Rio Grande. Distribution Centers in the Southeast, Center-West and Northeast regions were acquired as well.

An international diversification strategy started in 2007 with the acquisition of Saman in Uruguay, Market leader and biggest exporter of Uruguayan rice, followed by the acquisition of Tucapel in Chile in 2009, nowadays, the company is sales leader and in share of mind. In 2011, we acquired Costeño in Peru and in 2014, Paisana brand. Respectively, these are the country´s first and second largest brands in packaged rice, strengthening our leadership in this category.

In 2011, the Company began a portfolio diversification in Brazil by entering the canned fish Market (sardines and tuna), through the acquisition of the companies which held Coqueiro and Pescador. In the sugar Market, in 2012, the diversification was made by the acquisition of the companies which held the brands União and Da Barra. This was made possible with the entering of Gávea Investimentos, a private equity investment fund.

In 2016, a private equity investment fund managed by Warburg Pincus acquired the corporate interest held by Gávea Investimentos, occupying 2 seats in the Board of Directors and reinforcing Camil´s commitment with high standards of corporate governance. Nowadays, Warburg Pincus no longer holds participation in the Company´s capital stock.

In continuity to our growth and expansion, Camil went public on B3 in September 2017 in Novo Mercado, the highest level of B3’s corporate governance under the ticker CAML3. In 2018, Company acquired SLC Alimentos, owner of the brand Namorado. This acquisition was aligned with the Company’s strategic objectives and was an important step for its consolidation in the Brazilian grain market.

Presently, the diversified product portfolio of traditional, consolidated and aknowledged brands allows the occupation of leading positions in the markets in which Camil is present. We´re rank leaders and detain relevant participations in the rice markets of Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Peru, aside from significant participations in the sugar and canned fish in Brazil. We remain focused in on our growth by combining growth and Market consolidation and expansion to new categories and geographies.


Purpose and Values


We believe that each person can make a difference in someone’s life and we exist to nurture relationships that bring more flavor to the everyday life.


We want everyone who has a relationship with Camil to understand our values and purpose. Therefore, we believe that it is fundamental that:

  • Trust: We honor our commitments with seriousness and discipline. We value transparency in our relationships and for that, we gain respect and trust.
  • Entrepreneurship: We believe in the sum of those who dream with the effort and courage of those who realize their dreams. This is the driving force for entrepreneurship and growth with profitability.
  • Enthusiasm: We express joy, vitality and energy in our everyday life. Thus, we inspire people.
  • Proximity: We build strong partnerships as a way of establishing deep and perennial relationships with all those who live with us: our consumers, customers, employees and suppliers.
  • Responsibility: We prioritize ethics and high quality in EVERYTHING we do. This way, we seek to ensure the sustainability of our business and of the environment, beyond results.
About Camil

With over 50 years of history, Camil is one of the largest consumer goods Brazilian and South American companies in the food segment, holding leading positions in the categories and countries we operate. Camil’s business includes industrialization, commercialization and distribution of grains (mainly rice and beans), sugar and canned fish (sardines and tuna, including sauces and pates) by well-known brands leaders in the markets of Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Peru. Having a diversified portfolio of traditional, consolidated and consumer-recognized brands allows Camil to have leading positions in the market and significant participation in the grain, sugar and canned fish categories in Brazil.

Camil has 27 processing sites and 15 distribution centers in South America that serve the grain, sugar and canned fish segments. In Brazil, there are approximately 14,000 customers through our sales force and distribution platforms, which also enables our products to reach approximately 300,000 sales points, according to Nielsen. Additionally, we export our products to more than 60 countries.

Camil has a consistent track record of growth and expansion of our market share in Brazil and South America, both by organic growth and strategic acquisitions, through the diversification of our geographic performance and product categories.

Camil operates relevant markets in the food sector in South America, where believes there is a positive outlook, supported by the resumption of economic growth, population growth and the strengthening of favorable trends in consumption habits.

Operations in Brazil

The Brazil Food Segment corresponds to the operations carried out by Camil in units located in Brazil, for grains, sugar and canned fish product lines.
Camil Alimentos began it´s trajectory in the national Market as an agricultural rice cooperative in 1963 in Rio Grande do Sul. This was the period when a migration of rice cultivation from the central-western part of Brazil to the South took place, due to it´s greater productivity in this region. In 1974, as a pioneer in the sector, the Company started distributing rice in 5kg plastic packaging, this situation is currently consolidated in the Market and complemented by consumers, which up to this point, buy their rice in that kind of packaging. In the following year, Camil expanded it´s operations by launching it´s first center dedicated to storage, distribution and customer service in São Paulo (SP). The 90s highlighted the Company´s commercial expansion with the entry in new Markets, like beans and the transfer of the Company´s headquarters from Rio Grande do Sul to São Paulo.
The large scale of the Company in Brasil allowed, furthermore, the implementation of a diversification strategy, which began in 2011 with the entry in the Canned Fish Market, with the “Coqueiro” and “Pescador” brands. Among the products commercialized with these brands, we highlight canned tuna and sardine. The acquisition of the “União” brand in 2012 reinforced the diversification strategy, leader brand in the refined sugar segment present for over 100 years in Brazil, brought the Company more scale and national strength.

International Operations

The international diversification strategy began, in 2007, through means of acquiring Saman in Uruguay, Market Leader and largest Uruguayan rice exporter, followed by Tucapel acquisition in Chile in 2009, currently the leading brand for sales and share of mind. In 2011, we acquired Costeño in Peru and in 2014, Paisana brand, respectively first and second largest packaged rice brands, consolidating leadership in this category.
In 2020, the Company began a diversification strategy in it´s international operations. Camil announced entry in the pet food Market in Chile, entering a new segment with great growth potential. This movement represents a new milestone for the company´s category extension in the international operations business model.

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