For Camil, ESG is about:

Reinforce the positive and permanent impact we generate on our business and society, be careful with the people involved in our context, focus on ensuring the quality of our products and on the concern with mitigating the environmental impacts we generate.

Sustainability Report

To learn more about ESG Camil’s actions, access our ESG Report 2020*. This is a tool to promote transparency, with which we demonstrate the Company’s advances and affirm our commitment to the sustainability of our operations. Camil’s ESG practices follow as a principle the care for the people involved, the guarantee of the quality of our products and the concern with mitigating the environmental impacts we generate. Throughout this document, which had as reference theGlobal Reporting Initiative (GRI), We share our achievements, challenges and main actions in the markets in which we operate. Good reading!

Corporate Governance and ESG Agenda

Within the range of discussions at ESG, in order to align themes that make a real difference to our business and our surroundings, we define material themes with goals and principles – some that guide us within our 60 years of history, and others in which we always seek to update and improve ourselves. We seek to nurture and nurture relationships and we understand that the focus and definition of materiality is the assertive strategy to make a difference in people’s daily lives.

We have adopted focused and solid commitments that turn real challenges in our context into goals that guarantee the efficiency of our purpose in updating and improving our business purpose. We highlight some fronts below:

There are more than 60 people involved from the four countries in which we work, who make up the working groups, with monthly discussions and meetings focused on the establishment of goals and actions aimed at improving each of the material topics above in our business context. Each working group has its own established governance, reporting to a board that controls and supervises the progress of the proposed goals and actions.

ESG Goals Board: to further reinforce this commitment, Camil decided to update its strategic planning for the next five years with ESG practices and assign ESG goals related to the context of the material issues above in the variable remuneration of all the Company’s directors.

Definition of ESG Success Recipe: we define our ESG Camil Revenue, which bases our principles and goals on guiding the Company towards what we are and that we seek with this structure and improvement of sustainable practices.

Environmental, social responsibility and corporate governance issues are directly related to the business context when we look at the continuity of our businesses. We remain focused on reinforcing and bringing to the market practices that make a real difference to our business, people, the planet and the context in which we operate.

In addition, Camil operates in accordance with its ESG policy, with defined responsibilities and guidelines. To access the document, click here.*

Working Groups

The work groups are composed of multidisciplinary teams, with more than 60 people in total, distributed in the four countries where Camil is present. Each working group has established governance and reports to its respective board. Through discussions and monthly meetings, goals are decided and actions are carried out aimed at improving the material issues raised during the ESG assessment phase carried out at the Company. Among the material themes, we have:


Supplies Working Group
The value chain is encouraged to ensure and comply with respect for the environment and human rights. The Company is committed to ethical, transparent, responsible, and socially supportive relationships, and has criteria and actions focused on:

  • Analyze social, environmental, ethical, and quality criteria in the hiring and maintenance of critical input suppliers; and
  • Contribution to the development of small and medium suppliers and their practices.

Environmental Working Group
Camil seeks to mitigate the environmental impacts generated by its operations.
The Company values compliance with environmental legislation and the standards applicable to its businesses and products, as well as seeking the continuous efficient management of resources, including actions focused on:

  • Implement energy efficiency programs;
  • Seek to diversify energy sources, including renewable energy generation;
  • Appropriate routing of waste generated by the Company’s operations; and
  • Projects focused on the conscientious use and consumption of materials and packaging.

Social Responsibility

Social Investments Working Group
Through social investments, the Company supports several projects covering the communities surrounding its production units, promoting local development with food, educational and training projects, or various support in emergency situations. The Company’s actions are focused on:

  • Support to local communities close to production units or related to the Company’s operations;
  • Empowerment and education projects focused on autonomy to leverage the promotion of social impact; and
  • Programs to promote the reduction of food waste and the reduction of hunger and malnutrition.

Occupational Health and Safety Working Group
Security is a non-negotiable value for the Company. Camil seeks the continuous improvement of working conditions, health and safety through actions focused on:

  • Health and safety awareness and training campaigns;
  • Management of occupational health and safety risks for employees and third parties who are in their workplace; and
  • Promotion of investments and actions focused on continuous improvements in Occupational Health and Safety.

Diversity & Inclusion Working Group
The Company defends fundamental rights in labor relations and promotes the appreciation of diversity and inclusion, fighting discrimination in any of its forms. Camil repudiates any form of discrimination in its work relations and promotes actions focused on:

  • Redefinition of recruitment and selection processes and policies;
  • Diversity and inclusion awareness campaigns; and
  • Promotion of a respectful work environment and anonymous channels for reporting employees and third parties.

Corporate Governance

Risks and Compliance Working Group
The Company manages the main emerging and/or critical risks that may pose a threat to the achievement of its strategic objectives, including ESG risks, with the objective of keeping them within the risk appetite and tolerance levels established by the Company. Additionally, Camil works to strengthen its ethical, honest and transparent culture, providing a sustainable work environment and preventing acts contrary to its rules of conduct and legislation. The Company’s actions are focused on:

  • Risk assessment in ESG and implementation of risk response (controls);
  • Guide and engage Employees/Third Parties to act towards an ethical environment through communication, awareness and training;
  • Encouragement of reporting violations of the Code of Ethics through its reporting channels and protection against retaliation against whistleblowers motivated by good faith;
  • Promotion and improvement of the Camil Integrity Program; and
  • Compliance with laws and regulations applicable to the business.

Governance Working Group
The Company complies with the requirements of its listing level on the stock exchange (B3’s Novo Mercado) and seeks to constantly improve its corporate governance model, based on transparency, integrity, fairness and accountability based on guidelines of the Brazilian Code of Corporate Governance. Camil values transparency and seeks alignment and continuous improvement of the best governance practices in the market and its policies.

Image & Reputation Working Group
Camil seeks to strengthen its relationships with consumers, customers and other stakeholders by managing the recognition of its brands, products and services, which generate strong and trusting relationships that increase loyalty and generate a positive impact on the business, through monitoring:

  • Awards and recognition from the market, corporate and the brands and products in which the Company and its subsidiaries operate; and
  • Monitoring the exposure of the Company and its brands in the media and other public sources of information.
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